Our shipping tradition dates back to the 18th century, whereby our shipping company in its current form had been established in 1975. Capt. Heinz Moje sailed many years as ordinary seaman up to Captain and studied in addition as industrial engineer.

By ordering his first 1.200 tdwat vessel named "NAVIGARE" (built by Cassens Werft/Emden) Capt. Heinz Moje started his own business. After several successful years "NAVIGARE" has been sold and a new vessel was ordered by Cassens Werft.

This vessel was a Con-Ro vessel with 6.180 tdwat, equipped with cranes and a rear ramp, thus multilateral usable. Although Capt. Moje traded as Captain himself during the first years, he decided to lead the business from ashore due to the increasing administrational demands.

During the years 1994 and 1995 two newbuildings named "DENEB" and "MARIS" (built at Sietas Yard) were commissioned. The previous "MARIS" has been sold during this period of time. "MARIS" and "DENEB" are full container vessels of type 151 with 5.350 tdwat and 509 TEU.

In 2005 the new flagship MS "PASSAT" had been commissioned. "PASSAT" is a container feeder type 168 of Sietas Yard, it contains 11.000 tdwat, 862 TEU and two cranes (lifting 45 tons).